active merchants


successful transactions monthly


integrations with global CMS platforms


payment methods
Visa/MC, Apple Pay/Google Pay, e-wallets/m-wallets, direct debit etc

Key success factors

Simple integration to start accepting payments. Fast onboarding process.

Friendly merchant interface to manage all accounts and finance flow

Exceptional merchant and customer support

Wide range of supplementary services

Marketplace, accounting, loyalty program, installments and credits

We provide our services under two brands – Paysend PSP in EEA and Robokassa in CIS countries.


Visa/Mastercard/Union Pay International acquiring services for online merchants

Payroll and other business payouts

To Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay International, bank accounts and crypto wallets

Alternative payments methods for online merchants

E-money, mobile payments, direct debit to bank accounts etc

Added value services

Accounting, tax reporting, credits, loyalty programs

Acquisition channel for b2c products of Paysend Group – access to 1 mln active customers per month with bank cards